Tuesday, January 12, 2010



So I'm back from Colombia, where instead of finding myself with plenty of free time to post and many awesome things to post about I found myself in the countryside with no internet access whatsoever, sorry about the unfulfilled dreams. In other news I am now studying abroad in Florence! although the internet situation here is only a small improvement, I'll be posting very often about all the amazing things to see and do as well as my other nonsense like ramblings about things that I like and things that I see and things that I make and so on. I just got here a few days ago, so for now please just indulge in these beautiful garments:
I've been obsessed with this Christian Dior dress since I saw it on the last cover of Vogue on Rachel Mcadams, I plan on copying the top when I get back home.

I just really love the top and belt in this look. (Rochas)

last, but most certainly not least, if I were a matador (which I totally could be) this is what I would wear. AND EVERYTHING WOULD BE WONDEROUS.
(Anna Sui, who Rubino went to school with)


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