Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sometimes I actually make artwork

Normally I make a lot of art work, but ever since going away to Italy for what was supposed to be school and was totally not, and then summer and my internship at the Walters I'm not really doing much these days other than working for Will Noel in our Hogwarts-like room full of manuscripts and hanging out with my friends who are in Baltimore for the summer (Abby, John, Kat,Michael, Rebecca) HOWEVER, I did do this one thing this week because I found two new tubes of pink acrylic in my garage in Florida so I brought them with me and futzed around.

I'm super into pink and pastels lately.

Monday, June 7, 2010

First Day

Hello internets,

As you may or may not know dear readers, I am interning at the Walters Art Museum for two months this summer in the rare books and manuscripts department and today is my first day! A big part of my job is going to be to tweet about all the beautiful Islamic manuscripts in the museum's collection such as:

so follow me on my twitter account Christinabee to see them in the coming weeks! They'll be a lot bigger than this because we send out the original files so you can see all the intricate detail. It's a great way to see some art everyday!