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please ignore my totally dumb post title. (This blog is courtesy of Christina, your friendly neighborhood dysfunctional geek, despite it being under Ricardo's name) (Ricardo is helping.)


here's some fun pictures of some things that are in Florence! yay, fun! LET'S DO THIS.

After it was rainy and gross for SO MANY DAYS (too many days), it was finally dry and not even that cold, so it was *~*~* ADVENTURE TIME *~*~* we had a geometric, algebraic time of it! **

IL DUOMO in all its glory (the Duomo is bigger than Christina)

We started at il Duomo because it's at the end of our street and because we hadn't really given it the full once over on the outside, we had just looked at it from the front.

also SIDE NOTE: the first time I (Christina) went to Europe and my mom hadn't seen the Duomo in twenty four years, she said it looked like it was wearing ugly pyjamas. For these kinds of reasons KenTisa says my mom is a doll (also because she sent him chocolate from Colombia. FABULOUS CHOCOLATE)

Ricardo and the Gates of Paradise being best friends.

the doors of Il Duomo, in case you were wondering how small it is...

after we left the Duomo we just picked a street that went in the general direction of the Ponte Vechio (which was our ultimate goal) and started wandering

A baby door! on a street! it's medieval fo sho.


also side note: I bought this scarf before I left. SOOOO cute, right?

These people permanently restore the Duomo because they are BADASSES.

on the way I saw a cool looking building, so I was like "OOOOO let's go see that!" and then it turned out to be Orsanmichele which has a BUNCH of crazy awesome sculptures ALL OVER IT.

Ricardo in front of Donatello's St. George...

and not Ricardo in front of Nani di Banco's Four Crowned Saints. These tabernacles were each commissioned by a different worker's guild of Florence, who were majorly influential in the politics of Florence during the medieval period and the early Renaissance. This is pretty cool and what's also cool (which is where I'm going with this) is that in this tabernacle you can see that it was commissioned by the carpenter's guild because it shows them working in the block beneath the tabernacle, which is mega cool.

after that we literally stumbled upon the palazzo vechio in the piazza della signoria, which is the main central piazza now and forever ago. The palazzo vecchio (old palace) which is that square medieval building is like the town hall, or the civic center. The David used to be set up outside the palazzo vecchio, but now it's in a museum and there's a copy outside.

here I am in front of it, because it can't be ignored.

This was the view from la piazza della Signoria looking towards what we think is Santa Croce (the church) but we're not sure...

from there it was just a short walk to the Ponte Vecchio (old bridge) and there it was!

Ponte Vechio being all awesome.

we didn't go onto the bridge, because we were tired but this is what it looks like, and it's full of expensive shops and nice restaurants, bu also touristy shops and carts and things.

on our way back we got mildly lost and ran into this cool looking intersection...

and this awesome little Baroque church (it was closed and didn't have a sign so we don't know what it's called)

we found a cute dog outside of the bakery around he corner from our house!

and we got home to a lovely sunset outside our window, which was welcome because our whole week was very very grey.

we tried this chocolate bar from the alimenteri (small super market) IT WAS SO GOOD. It had whole hazelnuts in it and the chocolate was super smooth. deli! (spanish slang for Delicioso (delicious) for those of you greengos)

lastly and of interest to very few people, this is what I wore a few days ago and I was proud of it, then it got cold and now I'm back to jeans, sweaters, docs and my little black hat that makes me look like a liverpudlian boy from the 60's. *glimmer*glimmer*gleam*gleam*

ciao amori!

*Venture Bros. quote... mom, dad, and Lina

** look up "adventure time" on you tube if you find yourself with further questions as to WHAT THE F is she talking about?

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