Thursday, January 14, 2010


We've been in Florence for almost a week now and for what was only a few days but seemed like forever we had no internet, so here's what's happened in the mean time! Ricardo was mega excited on the plane and couldn't sleep AT ALL. We watched "the Informant" which was really good, less funny and more sad than I thought it would be. On an unrelated note though Matt Damon looks AWESOME as a totally dorky 90's era man.

We knew we were in Italy when we saw the mountain range that cuts across it (we still don't know what they're called)

we were mega tired, with only half of our bags having arrived in Florence and we had to go to the school first (because they refuse to tell you where you live before hand) and then walk home. Luckily neither the locale nor the apartment were at all disappointing. We live on Via Ricasoli (ree CA zoli)which if you look at a map is across a very small street from la Galleria della Accademia WHICH HOUSES THE DAVID and ends at the piazza of il Duomo, which we can see from our FRONT DOOR. (yeeeeessssssssssssssss)

This is our living room, it's cute but a little awkward so we don't spend much time in here...

This is the beautiful part. It's really just the big hallway that has all the rooms on the left, but our room is down a tiny staircase at the end of his hall and is all by itself one floor down (and by a floor, I mean just our room)

there's also a little staircase that goes up and has this tiny room on the way!

that staircase actually goes up to our baby tiny terrace, where we can dry our clothes because there's a washer but no dryer.

we'll do a full tour of the apartment later, because it has lots of nooks and crannies and bussiness but for now there's the highlights.

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