Wednesday, December 23, 2009

something about being a heathen

Christmas happened early for me since I'm going to Colombia to spend it with other family, so here's some cool things that were bestowed upon me that I think you should know about!
Everyone's been in a tizzy about Rob Ryan lately since he's been doing work for EVERYONE (starbucks, Target, etc.) so I found out that this laser cut print that I got at an art fair in High School was actually his! I'd totally forgotten his name in the mean time. Luckily he has a book and it's super cheap and my mom got me a used copy WHICH IS AWESOME.

And my dad outdid himself and gave me a really personal and creative gift. Part one was this postcard that he bought in London at Portobello Rd. when he and my mom lived there for three years right before they got married. It has Queen Victoria and the rest of the royal family on it! SO GOOD.

and part two was his old 4x5 negative large format camera. ALL MY WILDEST DREAMS HAVE COME TRUE. Ricardo almost peed himself over this one. I can't wait to use it! too bad it'll have to wait until after I study abroad and come back to MICA.

It'll be 2010 when I come back from Colombia. And I will be turning 21 in 2010, how weird is that?

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