Thursday, February 25, 2010


These are my latest pieces for my MICA class in Florence for Ken Tisa. We were challenged to make a piece about myth, although that was clearly not a stretch for me or my work in particular, I really liked the pieces that came out of it, I think it's a new good direction I'll be going in. These are some of the smaller pieces (4 in x 4 in or so), there's one slightly larger piece (25 in x 25 in or so) which is basically the same. I'm really excited about these colors.

this one doesn't really fit in with the rest:


  1. It is a beautiful watercolors! (Why are watercolors right?), I like to do a post on my blog with 6 photos of your paintings, obviously put a direct link to your blog. What do you think? I will wait to answer me, greetings and good work from Barcelona!

  2. Muchissimas gracias! que honor! Me ENCANTA Barcelona, que suerte vivir en una ciudad tan bella y vibrante. Si son aquarellas, bien pueda usar lo que vos quieras, obviamente con un "link" como dijistes, pero si neccesitas algo mas solo commente aqui! gracias otra ves!

  3. These are gorgeous! I would know what to do with them in a living room. Beautiful!

  4. these are amazing...they feel like moments of high emotion squashed between two plates of glass. you know? there's a heat to the gesture of the figures that's been frozen.
    anyway, besides the series I really like that last non-fitting one. its creepy.