Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wrap up

So the semester in Italy finished up a week ago or so and since then Ricardo and I have been on the move, and we will be for a while, so this is the formal wrap up and announcement of a hiatus which will end on May 11th when I’m back in the states. The MICA show at SACI had a good turn out and marked the end of our semester nicely with only our finals for our SACI classes left. My etching critique was quick and painless and my Helen Watterson art history class was well, easy, but far from painless. Anway, we’ve left SACI behind to hit up Venice, Vienna, Prague, Dresden, Berlin, and Amsterdam so here’s an overview of our final show and I’ll be back on May 11th!


my watercolors


my watercolors with Ricardo’s larger light drawings


Ricardo Contreras


James Eads looking at Visual Journals nex to Jeff TImlin’s paintings


Kate Robinson with her work


Samara Rosen

my final pieces - Dawn and Dusk with Scrolls

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