Friday, February 19, 2010

I'm actually here to do things

So, do you remember the part where I'm actually studying abroad in Italy and not just on the longest vacation ever? yeah, I didn't remember either don't worry about it. Here's what I've been doing other than blogging, vacationing, museuming and traveling it up! Here's some odds and ends to begin with:

This is the same print, printed two different ways which is pretty nifty.

These two plates are in progress, just the first and second states or so.

I just finished editioning these two. We have to edition everything in my printmaking class, which is upsetting because none of my plates are meant to editioned, but to printed as one of a kind artist's proofs, so for me especially it's a huge waste of time and paper. boo.

two drawings I did on the side, one in preparation for an assignment in my class with MICA professor Ken Tisa who is here with us and the other from a plaster cast of a Renaissance bust which I found around the studio and have been keeping in my studio.

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