Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I'm just now beginning to return to some semblance of normality! Since I last seriously posted I graduated:

Had my thesis show Cultivating A Presence:

my mom took many requisite photos of me standing in front of my work, here is but one of them :

I went home for a couple of weeks to run my summer camp with my mom, came back to Baltimore to work pre-college, during pre-college moved out of my old apartment and into the commons (where pre-college happens), decided to stay in Baltimore instead of moving back home, found an apartment, signed a lease, moved into my new apartment, went back home for two weeks to house sit my house, help my mom buy a car, help my sister sell an entire apartment's worth of furniture and go through a break up. I came back to Baltimore for what should have been a fresh start to end up with a ton of drama, a broken heart (in every direction), and oddly enough a job out of the blue.
I now paint murals four days a week with a small company called NS studios, although I am hoping to start as an artist's studio assistant soon in addition to that. I've just finished setting up my studio so I've started a new set of drawings and I was recently involved in some illustration projects that I'm going to post soon. I'm back now, and I'm all yours Baltimore.

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