Thursday, August 27, 2009


I suppose it's obligatory to introduce myself, to the internet as it were. So, my factuals are these:

My name is Christina Barrera. I am a junior at the Maryland Institute College of Art, which means that I currently live in Baltimore. I am originally from West Palm Beach Florida and originally originally from Colombia. At MICA I am a General Fine Arts major, which should really be called Interdisciplinary Arts, with a minor in Art History and a concentration in Curatorial Studies. Aside from working in the studio almost constantly, I like to knit and garden and cook and be generally crafty. I love fresh foods, sunshine, silence, open windows, bright colors and cleaning my house. these are all spur of the moment ramblings.

It is my intention with this blog to:

-blog often, I hate it when people to update forever.
-try to have at least one picture in every post. it's better that way isn't it?
-post about things that excite me. This is not entirely a blog about my work.
-post news about events and goings on.

to keep to my promise:

this week I'm inspired by the paper plants of Yuko Yamamoto

Yukoyamamoto1 Yukoyamamoto2


happy hurricane season.

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