Monday, November 8, 2010


my review boards were today. I think it went very well over all, although I have noticed that the longer ago a critique happened the more I focus on the negatives, because they're the most important and therefore the worse I feel about it as time goes on. However, that said, it does mean that I will have a little more time for a week or so (I'm going to luxuriate with a tiny break from the studio, by which I mean I'm not going to go in every single day this week) and that means I can document some work that I haven't had a chance to and overhaul and reorganize my website which is a mess!

Most important news, I'm going to start a very large canvas based on the small lavender painting with the shadow in the last post, I'm not blowing up that image, it was just the spark for another image.

sorry no pictures today.

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