Wednesday, November 25, 2009


SO I have a decision to make. I have two costume designs for the same final; one is infinitely more fun, however both are equal in being good options to create. I wanted to make a costume for a girl that is the sun, they would both be overwhelmingly red with gold or yellow detailing. The top design is simpler and probably less expensive to make, it would be made of a heavy silk or satin and the lines would be a wide top stitch. I think it's pretty classy. The bottom design would be a light silk maybe with an organza overlay, I also thought maybe taffeta, the head cap would for sure be organza and the necklace would be knit. obviously way more time consuming... but sooooo awesome! I imagine her fitting into the Katamari universe. Of course this means much more work, stress and continuing to cop out on my other classes a little. I. don.t know. what. to. do. with. myself.

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